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Our passion at NTX is to serve you in a manner that benefits the community at large, preserves the financial security of the association and leaves your homeowners satisfied with their decision to live in Aspen Park.

Aspen Park

Current State


Lack of financial oversight and transparency

Lack of follow through with DRV inspections

Essex has resigned as management firm


What is NTX?






Our Services & Team


  • End-to-End community management
  • Homeowner Communications tracking and analysis
  • Full accounting staff
  • Dedicated collections team
  • Resident Services Group
  • In-house mail fulfillment
  • Community Managers that care about you and the homeowners in your community! 


Your Board Portal

CiraNet is a leader in HOA Management software and is considered the most transparent HOA system available today. NTX Management is a proud partner of CiraNet and utilizes the CiraNet program to connect HOA Members, Board of Directors and your management team in a cloud based system. It is a key part of our success and our ability to provide efficient services with lower costs creating greater value to your HOA.

Test Drive

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Let's Talk Transition


  • Typical transitions take 60-90 days
  • All association and homeowner files obtained from current management firm
  • 90 days funding requested immediately and all association bank accounts closed once transition complete
  • New bank accounts opened with Union Bank, the nation’s leading association bank
  • Homeowner information and account histories inputted and loaded to CiraNet platform
  • All properties geo-coded in CiraNet software and iOS App for violation inspections to ensure accuracy
  • 145+ procedural tasks needed
  • Dedicated transition team to facilitate everything


Schedule of Fees

NTX Schedule of Fees
Monthly Management Fee  $                 595.00
Setup Fee  $             1,500.00
Welcome Letters  $                     2.00 Each
Violation Letters  $                     1.00 Each
Assessment Statements  $                     1.00 Each
Past Due Notices  $                     1.00 Each
Annual Meeting Notification and Proxy  $                     2.00 Each
Community Website and Hosting  Free
Newsletters  $                     3.50 Each
Collection Fee  $                   20.00 Charged to Homeowner
Certified Mail Notice  $                   20.00 Charged to Homeowner
Archived Record Scanning  $                   90.00 Per Box

Month One & Beyond

Month One Anticipated Expenses Month Two and Beyond
Monthly Management Fee  $     595.00 Monthly Management Fee  $  595.00
Setup Fee  $  1,500.00 Violation Notices  $    20.00
Welcome Letters  $     260.00 Past Due Notices  $    15.00
Homeowner Quick Reference Guide Free New Homeowner Welcome Letter  $      2.00
Total Month One Expense  $  2,345.00 Estimated Monthly Expense  $  622.00

What's in it for me?


  • Local management firm committed to your community success
  • Your assets are protected and your association will be financially stable
  • Fast response to homeowner requests and inquiries
  • An efficient way of managing your association that saves you time and effort!
  • Real time access to all your community information (financial, homeowner, etc) through your Board Portal
  • Resident Portal allows homeowners the same access to all information available to them
  • Free online payments via e-check or ACH automatic draft


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