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At NTX Management Group, we wholeheartedly understand the time and energy it takes to be a volunteer on the board of directors for your homeowners association. It’s our job as community managers to save you time, money and effort.


When it comes to association management, dependable, efficient technology is a must. We use the most robust operating platform available to integrate all of our services and make all association information available to you at any time- just by logging into your board portal online. Our board portal also gives you access to the day-to-day activities we complete for your association and on your behalf as a board of directors- right down to the number of phone calls we receive on a daily basis. Providing any information you need right at your fingertips, we offer value that typical management companies cannot deliver. This integration of technology in our services increases efficiency, saves your money and blows industry standards out of the water. When you put your trust in NTX to handle your operations, everything we do is easily available and transparent. That’s the way it should be; that’s what we get paid to do. However, that’s not all we do for your community board.

Planning and Organizing

We know a majority of your efforts as board members go into planning and organizing. We gladly take this stress off your shoulders. We organize annual meetings for you, which includes setting things up, securing a venue, distributing meeting notices and assisting with securing a quorum. We also provide agendas and monthly management reports for scheduled board meetings. The team members here at NTX take it upon themselves to provide guidance regarding transition planning and contract development.

Navigating Regulations, Rules and Laws

Beyond planning and organization, there are several other duties expected of board members that involve compliance with laws and regulations. Gaining a full comprehension of these rules, and staying on top of legislative changes, is too much to ask of a volunteer, which is where we come in. We continually monitor your association’s compliance with local and state laws and ensure your risk of liability exposure is mitigated. We handle your site inspections for enforcement of declarations, by-laws and association policies. We solicit, negotiate and monitor vendor service contracts, insurance policies and utility rates to ascertain whether the association is receiving the best service for the funds spent to maintain common areas. We maintain all community records and files in accordance with records retention laws and association policies along with administering all insurance claims and policies related to the association.

Enforcement and Communication

We recognize the unsavory responsibility you have to enforce association policies but with NTX Management Group your burden is light. We enforce all covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) on your behalf and under your supervision. We also collect dues assessments, administer your late charges and fines, as well as assist your association’s attorneys overseeing deed restrictions enforcements, if necessary. Beyond enforcement, there is a multitude of communication board members deal with. We receive and respond to all correspondence and requests on your behalf. We notify homeowners of delinquencies as directed and work with the association attorney or collection agency on aged delinquent accounts. In short, we do the heavy lifting for you.


As a board member, you already realize how many financial factors are involved in running the association. We take this duty off your hands by preparing monthly financial statements and maintain all association checking accounts, savings accounts certificates of deposit, lockbox and investment accounts in the name of the association. All your association’s account activity is processed and made payable on behalf of the association. We accept assessments, fines, attorney’s fees or any other association-related revenue. We assist the board of directors with preparation of annual budgets based on year-to-year trends, expected expense increases, reserve allocations and all other factors that impact your annual operating expenses and long-term financial goals. We also coordinate all audits with independent third parties, reserve studies as well as prepare year-end financial statements, 1099s for vendors and tax filing requirements.

Reporting and Analysis

We provide access to all financial data in real-time through our board portal so you know where your association stands financially, what invoices are paid or outstanding and what is on the horizon. Board members have access to a myriad of reports related to your respective operating accounts, delinquency detail, violation reports and many others that assist you in your decision making to benefit your community. Year-to-year trend reports are available to assist with budget preparation and reserve contributions along with our own performance metrics to indicate and improve the overall health of your association, both financially and in homeowner engagement. We provide all the guidance and information you need to make sound decisions on behalf of your community. You have a duty to act in the best interest of your association and we give you all the necessary tools to do just that.

Why Stress?

NTX Management Group can make your life exponentially easier as an HOA board member. Our list of convenient services could continue, so contact us for more information about how we can help make your volunteer efforts as impactful as possible. It can be a thankless job being a board member; we’re here to make sure that doesn’t continue. Believe us, we’ve been there!

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