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At NTX Management Group, it is our top priority to serve the board members, communities and homeowners within an HOA. We serve these groups in a manner that benefits the overall sense of community, preserves the financial security of the HOA and gives homeowners a sense of satisfaction for choosing to live in their HOA. That being said, NTX’s HOA management services are specifically tailored:

What Is A Homeowners Association?

A homeowners association, oftentimes referred to as an HOA, is made up of a group of neighbors within a community who set official standards for the maintenance and upkeep of the community. This includes the physical homes along with amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools or any other common area. The board of directors, the group who oversees the rules, regulations and enforcement of this maintenance, is made up of volunteers within the homeowners association. The relationship between the homeowners, the community and the board is set up to be a beneficial, symbiotic one. However, without professional homeowners association management, these board members sacrifice a huge percentage of their time and effort to keep the community up to standards.

What is HOA Management?

The job of a homeowners association management company is to do all of the heavy lifting for the board of directors and ensure optimal community standards and function. Beyond this, it is also the HOA management group’s job to oversee the wellbeing of the community to assure satisfaction among the members within the association. As an objective third party, HOA management companies can see the bigger picture, which enables them to save the community time and money by utilizing efficiency. Navigating tricky financial and legal components, HOA management groups take care of all aspects of the association that are simple too much for volunteers to take on.

What Makes NTX’s HOA Management Special?

Here at NTX, we consider three factors when it comes to homeowner association management: the homeowner, the volunteer board member and the community as a whole. By considering each of these aspects along with their correlating needs, we are able to fuse them together to create the best possible living environment for every member of the homeowners association. We believe a proactive approach to managing your community is the key to ensuring a high level of satisfaction and peace of mind homeowners expect when they choose to live within a homeowners association. Leveraging technology wherever possible enables our community managers to focus on the needs of your association instead of plodding through antiquated operational processes. We have an unbridled passion to deliver what we promise and lead the homeowners association management industry by focusing on ways to save your association time, money and effort by proactively managing your community to engage homeowners. The rest takes care of itself. At NTX Management Group, nothing makes us happier than serving your community—and becoming a part of it.

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