HOA Management Fees

As a member of a homeowners association, the subject of HOA management fees can be uncomfortable, frustrating or even debated among members of the community. It is important for you to feel confident that your hard-earned money is going toward worthy services and not exorbitant fees. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some HOA management companies to disregard the deeper concerns of the community and perform services at a minimal level while expecting full or inflated compensation. Why should you, as an HOA member, pay anyone to maintain your community unless it is at a superior level? At NTX Management Group, we not only keep your community up to your high standards, we become a part of your community. Therefore, your concerns are our concerns.

Can’t Board Members Manage the Community without a Management Group?

Now, if you are under the impression that a management company is frivolous or unnecessary, consider how much is expected from your board. If a management company is not hired to maintain the HOA, a board of directors is the sole entity managing the non-profit association. It’s important to remember these board members are volunteers. The responsibilities of these volunteer board members range from managing the association’s funds and enforcing board rules to handling deed restrictions and overseeing maintenance of all common areas. This is a daunting task and could be considered a full-time job—and they’re doing it without any compensation. Your neighbors on the board deserve help, and you deserve a community that lives up to your standards. This can all be accomplished at an affordable price with a management company that truly cares about you and your community without mishandling management fees. That’s where NTX Management comes into play.

What Do HOA Management Fees Pay For?

AT NTX Management Group, we always go that extra step to ensure your community’s satisfaction. At the most basic level, your HOA management fees pay for the coordination and monitoring of maintenance and upkeep of all facilities and common areas within the association, including any swimming pools, clubhouse(s), parks or tennis courts. These management fees also include maintaining the structure of townhomes and condominiums. HOA management fees also pay for the expert guidance and direction given by a firm to ensure your association is compliant with local, state and federal law when it comes to dues assessments and collections, financial activity and reporting requirements. Yet, these elements are expected from any management company.

What sets NTX apart from the others is our ability to listen to you and your concerns, to become a member of your community and be one step ahead at all times. You will live in the community you always dreamed of without any extra effort, stress or HOA management fees. Allow us to do the hard part.

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